M.A.S.I Company.
The house of clothing brands.

M.A.S.I Company is one of the biggest clothing companies designing and producing jeans, outdoor clothes, hats and shirts in Finland and in the neighbouring region. Company´s history goes back all the way to the 1970´s when the first factory started operating in Keitele, Finland.

During the past over three decades M.A.S.I Company has focused on well-known clothing brands among which are the most respected finnish hat brand called Fredrikson, and the international jeans brand Lee Cooper. Today we are actually the biggest jeans manufacturer in the whole Scandinavia producing around 550 000 pairs of jeans in a year.

M.A.S.I Company employs around 350 people in Finland and in Estonia. Company´s strategy is truly customer oriented. We offer high-quality clothing products that suit our end users´needs, countrywide and at the right time. As a reliable and a flexible supplier we take good care of our dealers and give high respect to ethical and environmental factors as well.

We wish you a warm welcome into M.A.S.I Company´s world.

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M.A.S.I COMPANY OY   I  Vesannontie 9, 72600 KEITELE  I  p. (017) 769 7611, f. (017) 852 354